Anyone have Louboutin flats? Opinions please!

  1. Are they comfortable and is the leather soft- also, is there any rubber on the bottom of the heel? And how do they run?

    The pic is of the patent leather ones, but I am wanting them in regular black nappa leather.

    Thanks ladies! :yes:

    pics from Net-A-Porter-
  2. Wow! They are verrrry pretty. I love the shape of the toe...not round, not pointy. Very sexy!!!
  3. I have them in a leopard print mary jane. They are not as soft as Lanvin slippers, and its a regular Louboutin sole, not rubber. They are still comfy though.
  4. I ordered them in brown and had to go up 1.5 sizes.
  5. oooohhh...those are so cute...sorry I wouldn't know about their flats but in heels I've gotten 1.5 to 2 sizes up...i think in general CL runs small, they are super comfy though!!
  6. Thanks for your input ladies! I saw them at Neiman Marcus this past weekend and tried them on for size. They didn't have my size in the black nappa, so I tried on a pair in gold. The leather is very soft and flexible. They were pretty darn comfortable. I am waiting to see if anyone gets them in my size in the black.
  7. I just bought these (my first pair of CL flats) in a more crushed black patent which was sent from another NM because my NM was sold out. I have Chloe flats and Lanvin flats and they are very comfortable. I haven't worn the CL flats all day yet but they seem to be comfortable. I also bought the gold, but for some reason they seem tighter so I will rtn those (seems like I am in between those sizes - wierd).

    I really like the shape of the toe box on these flats.
  8. Hi everyone...i am new here:yes:
    I just bought my first pair of CL flats in black nappa leather in size 38.5. You can try the Neiman Marcus store in SF. I think they have sizes from 38 and up.
  9. hi ladies, so for those of you who did purchase the CL flats, did you have to go up sizes? i.e. if you're a 38.5, what size CL flats would you have to buy? TIA!
  10. I have blue suede flats, its the regular red sole, no rubber. I think they run pretty true to size, if anything, go up a half size.
  12. thanks j'aime! oo, blue suede shoes :smile:
  13. yea I think they run pretty true to size for the flats.
    You are welcome sammiekat;)
  14. Yea I think they run pretty true to size.
    You are welcome sammiekat;)
  15. What's the toe cleavage like on these? Also do they make clickity sounds when you walk around? I'm thinking of replacing my bum Lanvin flats with them. :yes: