Anyone have L'Aimable?

  1. I have never seen any pics of it in the Visual Aides or Suhali club threads, I was wondering if anyone has this bag?

    I like the white one but I'm wondering how practical it is and how much it holds. It looks so small like it wont hold much but it looks :drool:
  2. i wish i had this bag to post pics! i love it too!! esp for summer
  3. i had this was verrry small. I ended up returning it...
  4. What could it hold?
  5. Nothing much, I have this and it's just a dinner bag, that's all~ :sad:
  6. I would like to buy one for myself one day, it's pretty thick compared to say an Epi Pochette which can hold a few items, Treo, Ludlow, keys and makeup. I want a white one. :heart:
  7. it's really SMALLLLLL! I'd say that it's about the size of a pochette because the length is slightly smaller and the height is slightly bigger than the pochette (if I remember correctly lol)
  8. I want one too!!

    does anyone have pics modeling it?
  9. I have one in blue...I believe it's pictured in the Suhali club with the rest of my Suhali pieces. It's a pretty small bag...I can fit a cell phone, pochette cles, keys, and a pair of sunglasses. I mainly use it for dinners or short shopping trips.
  10. It's a shame it's so small. If I had tons of money and could buy lots of bags, I'd definately get it, but since it's so tiny, I'll skip it.:s
  11. There are a few pictures of Jessica Alba with this cute little bag. Try checking the "celebrities with LV" thread.
  12. With the price, I would rather upgrade it to the Le Tal which is more roommy.
  13. The l'aimable is TDF! I hope to own it one day.
  14. I don't have one, but EVERYTIME I go to LV I HAVE to look at it and try it on! It doesn't look that small! It's beautiful!