Anyone have Kristin Satchel modeling pix?

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  1. I really want the Kristin satchel in the smaller size. It's hard to get a feel for the size. Does anyone have modeling pix?
  2. OHHH yes please I want to see some too!!! :woohoo:
  3. I saw the turq one. It's super pretty but I just need to get a feel for the smaller one. I can't seem to grasp the size against any other bag.
  4. I think that small is really small. I read the measurements and it's not even as long as audrey.... maybe the same size as a small sabrina??
  5. It does seem a little small but I don't want the large. Anyone have pix yet? I'd like to see how they look on the shoulder too.
  6. If you have a small Sabrina it is almost exactly the same size. I had my small Sabrina when I looked at one and held them bottom to bottom and side to side. I am 5'3" so this is a perfect size for me where the large satchel or large Sabrina would be huge IMO. I did not think it was too small. The Kristin has the 2 zip compartments, so I think the Sabrina will hold more because it only has the one center compartment, if that makes sense.