Anyone have kneecap pain, issues?

  1. I am having a nightmare come true with my left kneecap. If you do not have kneecap problems, hate medical talk, or hate complaining in general you should not be reading this post. However if you know what I am talking about...


    So it seems that my kneecap is not "tracking properly".
    And the pain radiates into my muscles in my leg, and all around my kneecap is quite sore, and worsens with use.

    My doc says that this is not due to any particular event, but lack of exercise (too much time at computer...hmmm), and pronating feet, and possibly genetics, in terms of how my body weight is distributed (example: where your hips are in compared to legs).

    I am about to go on this big trip, and I am wondering if anyone else has had this, what they did... (physical therapy?) and did it get better, worse etc.?

    I have had this problem for years, it worsened last Sept, now, a year later, it's back.

    Anyone know a medical blog?
  2. Hi The ArtofAcquisition,

    I have a very similar problem, which I've recently had a development with by seeing a specialist sports injury physiotherapist. I wouldn't want to comment on your condition but I can tell you about mine. I'm slightly wary of putting medical details on the internet so feel free to PM me and I will give you some more information.
  3. Hi
    I've had kneecap pain last year, which was maybe an underlying issue from my bodytype, pronation style etc... but really worsened from running, or actually increasing my mileage too fast.

    The biomechanical issues are still here (I have not corrected my posture or anything) but I have found that taking chrondoitin and glucosamin (can't remember the correct name, it's made of fish cartilage or something) REALLY helped ease the pain.

    That means it didn't cure the cause, but it helped with the consequences (pain).

    You can find it in health stores in the arthritis section, often with a picture of a knee on the bottles :smile:
  4. Check out, it's a great, helpful website. I had MAJOR knee surgery in March, a VMO w/ a Lateral Release, my knee cap (patella) would dislocate and not go back into place on its own, very painful. This condition is much more common in women than men.

    First and foremost, get to a top notch orthopedic (preferable sports medecine) surgeon. I'm in the Phoenix area and was fortunate to have the surgeon for both the AZ Caridnals and the AZ Diamondback perform my surgery. Physical Therapy works wonders for some problems, but not for all. I did PT for 5 mos. after surgery, but none before, it wouldn't have helped.

    I have cartilage damage in my other knee, I also took glucomsamine and condroitin w/out much help, it depends on what the problem is. Most good knee surgeons will take time to get into (mine took 3mos, but it's worth the wait) and they will suggest PT and non-invasive procedures first before surgery. Good luck to you, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions.
  5. When I was young, we used to live in an apt. building with a "drawbridge" entrance. I was swinging on the ropes one day and came crashing down on the wood with both of my knees. I was around 10. Ever since then I have always had pain in both my knees, also they lock up on me. I can't really run because if I do sometimes they give out and I would fall. If I sit too long with my knees in one position, I can almost not move them at all. I am 37 now so they've been this way for 27 years now. I hate doctors and would only get surgery if it were absolutely necessary. So, I just live with it.

    Maybe better exercise would help you or maybe a trainer could show you some specific exercises to help relieve the pain?

    Edited to add: Advil is my best friend.:shrugs: