Anyone have insomnia?

  1. I mean the chronic, evil, neverending insomnia? How long have you had it and how do you manage it? :s
  2. OMG yes! I go to bed dead tired and the minute I lay down, my body shuts off from fatigue and my brain starts going a zillion miles a minute.

    I found that walking at night for at least a half hour (and I walk fast) as helped me a lot.

    and then theres Tylenol PM. I take 3. (I am not recommending that girls), maybe once a month I do the Tylenol PM thing.

    My DR wont prescribe anything because of the sleep apnea I acquired over the past 3 years. BUT its almost non existant since I lost 50lbs this year and got back to my normal weight and I exercise more.
  3. Well no, do you Irishgal??

    I have been going to bed ridiculously late for me (which is not good IMO). Heck, it is 2 am here and I am still wide awake on here. I need to get this under control much better :yucky:
  4. Yep, I've had it all of my life. It's not good for you. I feel like crap most of the time because of it, but I've learned to function in spite of it.
  5. ugh. ME. it's been going on since i hit highschool. i don't really think it's insomnia though, per se. i have no problem sleeping if my body is absolutely completey exhausted AND there's something to distract me (daylight, television, a book). but if i try to sleep at night, especially if its dark and quiet, my brain just runs and runs and runs. i'm pretty sure it's undiagnosed anxiety or something.

    i won't go to bed without the tv on (which i'm sure makes it worse, but keeps my brain from running) i also notoriously look for jobs that let me work around my sleep habits (short shifts or nights). i used to take tylenol pm (3 as well) but lately it makes me antsy instead of putting me to sleep. none of those are probably the healthiest way to do it i guess i'll keep watching this thread. :smile:
  6. yes. that's why i'm still playing computer.
  7. I think I do. These past two days, I've stayed up until 9-10 am. I usually go to sleep by 2-3 am everyday.
  8. I used to have a lot of problems getting to sleep.. hitting the gym has REALLY helped with that though ! I would highly advise, your body is tired and your brain will be too ! :yes:
  9. Thanks for your responses. I have had it since grad school for some reason. However, according to my mom, I had it when I was a kid.
    I do take Lunesta sometimes as it is approved for long term use but really really don't like to do so..
  10. I think I do....It always takes me hours to fall asleep because I'm thinking about a whole bunch of stuff. Or I fall asleep really quickly but keep waking up every so often. I find that I fall asleep faster if I stay up later to take care of things so I don't have to think about them.
  11. DH has it in a BAAAD way.
    He's tried everything; more exercise, more to eat, less to eat, Lunesta, Ambien, lowering blood pressure, not sitting in bed/watching TV in bed, no liquids after 6pm, etc. . . .
    I keep bugging him to go see a sleep Doc, one of his friends is one, I can't figure out why men have such an aversion to Physicians though {?}

    Guess who gets to 'enjoy' a sleep deprived Mr. Swank?

    He's under a huge amount of stress though, I'm SURE that's a big contributing factor.
    But he really needs to learn to deal as you can't catch up on a sleep deficit and it really ages a person IMO.

    I sleep like a freakin' bear! :lol::shame:
  12. ^^Dang Amanda, he has it bad. Poor guy, my heart goes out to him.
  13. It STINKS!
    Some nights he does okay.
    But usually, he falls asleep fine around 10pm or so and then is up for the rest of the night around midnight {like the last 3 nights}, sometimes he seleps fine and wakes up like clock work at 4:30 am for 3 weeks in a row. . . .
    he even thought he had restless leg syndrome for a while because sometimes he's sooo restless.
    Poor dude:cry:
  14. i'm a total insomniac and have been for years.

    and, honestly, the only way i deal with it (especially important during the semester) is otc sleeping pills (like tylenol pm and there's some other kind that doesn't have a pain reliever). and, even then, they don't work too well.

    the only thing that has helped me is some sort of meditation to "quiet" my mind. (i think my inability to sleep is directly related to anxiety).
  15. I took my first dose of 12.5 mg of Ambien 3 hours ago, and I still can't sleep. I am so frustrated. I do go for a vigerous gym workout most nights at 7 p.m. but it does not seem to help.

    All I want is one full night's sleep!