anyone have info on the new lines the coach is releasing?

  1. Thanks for the article.
  2. I don't know anything but those Bleeker bags sound fabulous!
  3. They really do sound fabulous! I'm on purse ban until Fall so hopefully I will really like that line!
  4. OMG. I saw a picture of Mandy Moore shopping yesterday and she was carrying what looks like a big bleecker tote, very similar to one of those pics on that article. I was trying to figure out, hmm, that's Coach, what is it?

    I think that's it!
  5. Those Bleeker bags look sumptuous. I now know what I am getting in the Fall. If they are lightweight that's a plus. That printed Ergo that is being sold in Tokyo looks great too! Thanks for posting the article.
  6. Thanks for the bagsnob article.^-^
  7. Thanks for the article! I can't wait to see these bags now!
  8. Thanks for the article. I think I'm going to like those Bleeker bags!
  9. great article! i'm excited for new new stuff ;)
  10. I could be wrong, but I think bleeker may have been a previous coach style. If so, I'm sure they updated it to give it more "slouch" & like it says, a more lightweight leather. This would really appeal to me, as I prefer leather handbags but like them to not be so heavy!
  11. Apparently Coach had a Bleeker line in the past, they seem to have updated it. Do an eBay search to check them out- I am lusting after a navy Bleeker on eBay right now!
  12. I sure hope they come up with something new. My feelings is most of the bags this spring look just like last spring in variations. I must give props to the Legacy line and the ergo but everything else seems the same. Even the new patchwork is close to last years.
  13. I NEED the big one on the left!
  14. Thanks for the article. Those colors are gorgeous. I better start saving. :smile: