Anyone have info on the Montorgueil?

  1. I saw this bag in a member's signature.

    I'm falling in love with it big time. It has a distinct European look, it's a satchel-luggage-bowler rolled into one.

    Can someone give me more information, dimensions and price? Is it due out soon?
    Hoping I'll have the funds for this one :heart::heart:
  2. Thank you ms p!!

    I figured the following roughly:

    pm 14.9 x 9 x 6 inches, US$688
    gm 16.5 x 9.8 x 7 inches, US$753

    The prices seem very reasonable for the amount of workmanship and detail, this bag is more attainable than I imagined!

    Anyone else like or not like this bag?
  3. I make a bet by the time this bag is release the prices are considerably higher than that (sorry)
  4. ah yes... I would not be surprised by a higher price. Zipper, contours/curves, there's alot of effort in making that bag. oh well...

    I have a resolution, as soon as I declutter my house (neverending project, but I resolve this is THE year I get organized), I shall get going on selling off my old bags (non-LV) on eBay and buy that bag.

    I said somewhere that one Speedy is all I want, and while I'm still pinching myself with my first LV.... I feel a slow, simmering obsession germinating in the bowels of my subconscious (well, maybe bowels wasn't a good word)

    So maybe... the Montorgueil, will be my second, and LAST LV bag! (LOL...)
  5. Release date is supposed to be March 1. Customer Service already has info on it, and the stores alrady have it in their system. I have already waitlisted for it (both sizes). ;)

    PM ($710) 15" X 9" X 6.3"
    GM ($775) 16.5" X 10" X 7"

    Will have textile lining, patch pocket, cell phone pocket, padlock closure.
  6. ahhh cute bag!! Now I'm trying to remember which member's signature this bag is it.
  7. travelbliss.
  8. Does anyone have more pictures.. I like this bag !
  9. ^^^^^

    Yes ?? lol....:smile:

    I think this will be a great shoulder bag with a zip top and the fact that it has really no vachetta except for the straps makes it really appealing to me. None of the other shoulder bags have zip tops with no vachetta !!! Can't wait until March !!!:tup:
  10. Me too! What size are you eyeing?
  11. Totally agree with travelbliss! :yes: This looks like it could be the perfect LV bag for me! I'm thinking the PM for myself.
  12. This handbag is so adorable! Does anyone know if it has little "feet" on the bottom? I'm assuming it doesn't.
  13. That would be nice if LV put feet on a lot of their purses.
  14. I was just about to purchase the Tivoli GM, but now I am just going to wait for the Montorgueil. It is the perfect LV bag for me! I'm thinking GM...

    Thanks everyone for the info...Special thanks to 'travelbliss' for having the Montorgueil as your signature...I would not have known about it.

    As you may notice, I'm new to the LV world. I own a couple LV's - gifts from hubby, but I haven't bought one for myself...I will be soon though...I can't wait until March!