anyone have info on new release wristlets?

  1. all this reading about wristlets made me reeeeaaaally want to get one - even though I never even thought of geting one before! It just seems so convenient to be able to carry all my essentials in it, and throw it in whatever purse I'm carrying for the day. I literally spend HOURS every week searching for my keys, wallet and cellphone, so at least this way everything will be in ONE place.

    I ordered the legacy wristlet in white today (I have the Ali in whiskey, and I wanted to match, but not TOO much) but I'm kinda eh about it.

    Does anyone have any info about upcoming wristlets? Any pics, etc. would be very welcome!

  2. i do have one that is limited addition it is vey lovely
  3. i just got the ergo scarf print wristlet...comes out Friday with the rest of the ergo line.