anyone have info for pleated HOBOS?

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  1. colors.... patent or no patent.. etc... Thank you all for your wonderful information!
  2. Or are you looking for info on the regular pleated ergos - not the framed? I called a few days ago about the tote and they said it's coming in regular leather not patent, same colors as the framed satchel I believe - orange, black, white, and tan, style #12240 but I forgot to ask price. This is from memory b/c I can't find my little sticky note with the exact info right now. I didn't ask about the hobos.
  3. Mokoni, I think Renie wants info on the hobos, not the satchels. I didn't really see any info about the hobos in that thread (or did I miss it?). I am also interested in getting more info on the hobos as I think the kisslock on the satchel would drive me totally nuts!
  4. yes.. hence why I made sure HOBOS was in all caps so it wasn't to be confused with the satchels. :tup:
  5. I too want info on the hobos!!!! That is one of my favorites styles! If anyone has info, please share it with us! I can't wait for them to come out!
  6. Hmm, I wonder if they will do the hobos in patent leather? If they aren't doing the totes in patent, I wonder if it will the same way for the hobos?! That kind of stinks because I think I could go for the hobo in pink patent!

    Anybody else hear anything about the hobos?
  7. Oops, sorry. I totally missed that. :upsidedown:
  8. it's okay, we're all so use to seeing repeated topics that it's hard to keep track.. not to mention we're all dying to see these satchels!! :yahoo:
  9. I'm so interested in the hobos as well!

    I think there's more information available about the totes right now. Hopefully, the information will surface soon.
  10. Here's the info that I have on the Ergo Pleated HOBOS:

    Style 12236, retailing @ $448, will come in leather colors of Natural, White, Burnt Orange and Black. I'd have to look for my notes with the measurements, but you could call JAX @ 800-444-3611 to get that info. No word if this will come in Patent.

    Regarding the Totes:

    Style 12247, retailing @ $528, will come in leather colors of Natural, White & Black. Possibly a 4th color, burnt orange, but I've gotten conflicting info regarding that. No word if this will come in Patent.

    Some of the colors are available now to order!!!
  11. thank you coachgrl!!!!!!
  12. Yes, thank you, Coachgrl!
  13. Thanks! Does anyone have the measurements on this bag? The Hobo style is larger than the satchel correct? I love the new Satchel, but I'm sure it's too small for me.
  14. Thanks for the info!! I sure hope it comes in pink patent!!!!!