Anyone have info for me on this clutch?

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  1. Hey all! Does anyone own this- or has anyone seen this clutch? I was wondering if it had structure to it or if it was just very soft and flexible- anyone PLEASE any info would be great!! THANKS!
  2. the saks in nyc has it in blue. its satin and runs for $750
  3. I've only seen it in the display case, I never touched it, so I don't know how soft or structured it is. I do remember liking it when I saw it though!:P
  4. since it's satin, i'm pretty sure it's not structured, but i could be wrong.
  5. thanks to those who have answered so far- im trying to decide between that and the timeless clutch in satin-I actually like that this has more "style" to it and i would rather only spend $750- but not if it's floppy
    I think i will go with the timeless since i wont make it to the store soon and i want to beat the increase on the timeless- That is assuming it will be included in the increase-do you guys think it will be?
  6. I've seen this in our local chanel boutique couple mths back and even on ebay as well~
  7. from cruise 2008 - was available in black, navy, beige, red, and fuschia satin
  8. i don't think it can hold more stuffs than timeless clutch.
    it's soft. no structure.

    cute though.
  9. its soft and super cute irl....i LOVED the red one, so crazy hot!

    kinda sad i didnt get it when my mom offered :sad: