Anyone have info about the december sale?

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  1. I want to buy the crystal chain flap and wonder if it's gonna be part of the sale :P if so I am willing to wait!
  2. What sale is this? I wanna know more! lol
  3. The kind of like semi annual sale, it's in dec/Jan every year
  4. Interesting to know, lol. Is it in stores or online?
  5. I know it's in every store buy not sure about the online shop :P
  6. What kind of items usually go on sale?
  7. It changes every year.
  8. I definitely need to stay on top of this! Is anyone in the NYC area (once the sale starts of course) willing to stop by and see what's going to be included in the sale? :graucho: You know, ever so discreetly...
  9. If you get a nice sa on the phone they will email photos to you. I find the ones in Florida the nicest.
  10. Good to know! *rubs hands together evily* thank you!
  11. Does anyone know when the sale will start? Before Christmas?
  12. The sale has already started
  13. Thanks! Dropped by today and it started today.. At least in Asia? I wanted a pair of booties but all sold out!
  14. Oh which ones? I didn't see any booties on sale
  15. Just went in today....40% off sale on handbags, wallets, shoes, and clothes. Bought a maltesse.