Anyone have Helio for their celly?

  1. My Sprint contract is up end of this year and I was all set to just re-up and get a Treo. Then I got a thing from Helio in the mail yesterday for an Ocean for like $200. If I buy that this month before that offer expired, I could wait on getting it activated for a while probably.

    Since Helio operates on Sprint and roams on Alltel/Verizon I feel like Id be fine for service, and the plan with unlimited everything is great for me.

    My DH would probably be stuck on Sprint which is fine bec he doesn't use his phone anyway though Id buy him out if I had to and get him on Helio.

    So if you have Helio, share your experiences.
  2. Bumping this. I am wondering about the Helio Ocean. Looks like not many people have it. I wonder is the internet fast? My sidekick 3 is slow, I hate it.
  3. My DH has the helio and its pretty nice. The internet is somewhat fast..of course its not like surfing the web via a cable modem with a laptop. The graphics is great. I would get one but my contract doesnt end until next year. I think his plan allows unlimited internet, 500 minutes for about $60 a month, which isnt bad compared to some companies. If you have any questions just ask and I can relay the message.
  4. This is what I learned about it in my research--it operates on Sprint's network, both telephone and data. So I don't know how much faster their texting and internet will be versus what you have but from what I have heard locally its smokin fast versus TMobile locally.
  5. Honestly, I think CDMA is going to the wasteside. GSM is where you want to be. GSM has tons of new advances for internet. First 3G, now 3.5G. Do you have to stick with Sprint?