Anyone have Hayden Harnett Bags??

  1. I really like the Hayden Harnett bags. Just wondering - what do you think of them? they have an online site at I am always seeking the lesser known smaller companies with style. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Nice bags, great quality leather. There are several on sale at and code GRECHEN gets an additional 20% off plus free shipping..good deal to try one...
  3. WOW! Thanks. I am going to order one right now.
  4. Booklady, if you do order, share what you get, if I'm not being too nosey! I ordered an HH from fengjunk 2 days ago, it'll arrive on Friday. If you want a report on it, I'll post here for you. I did a search on the forum here and found mostly good reviews on HH bags. The leather is supposed to be really soft. I'm mostly interested in new and little known designers too.
  5. i own a Nico bag and a Ibiza tote... they're both really good quality bags. I'm happy with them :smile:
  6. ^^ Hi, Luna! A couple of the reviews that I read said that the leather is soft yet thin. Would you say that's true? I can hardly wait for Friday to get here! I'm really looking forward to this bag!
  7. I'm very happy with my new havana hobo. My mom the LV lover grabbed it the other morning and exclaimed about what a nice bag it was. I just love the detail on this bag. The pockets, and little things are so well-thought out.
  8. I have Lorca Lux in chocolate, a Lorca in chalk and a Mercer in poppy. They are all beautiful, well crafted bags. The leather is really nice. I like the size of them as they are all smaller bags. I'm only 5'3 and I don't carry a ton of stuff, so these all work well for me. Beware of the poppy color. It is more of a coral than a red!
  9. Oh, bummer! I was wanting to get one of their bags in the poppy color but I want a true vibrant red. So, the color on the website is not a good representation of the color IRL? Thanks!
  10. Nope - looks like a red red online, but not IRL. I was kind of disappointed, but I got my Mercer from the online sample sale, so there was no turning back. Will be a good spring bad, I think.
  11. I also have the Nico in Poppy.. it is definitely more of a coral color.

    I wouldn't call the leather thin.. it's just a true washed leather.. very soft... feels fragile but hasn't given me problems as of yet.
  12. Thanks so much. I'll have to start looking for another red bag then. At least the bags are nice and like you said, you can use it for spring! And getting it at the sample sale makes it a good price!
  13. To anyone who has a concern about HH's quality: I just received my HH Ana frame bag. It's truly nice - very neat stitching, perfect details, high quality leather. The leather is soft but not fragile at all. I love it! Now I want to get it in all different colors...or one in plaid canvas.
  14. So glad to hear. Just ordered my HH today!!!
  15. Booklady - I was really into indie designers before the pf and have to say HH is still a fave of mine. I bought the black lorca luxe during their sample sale and LOVE it and have rec'd lots of compliments. Very happy w/ them and would buy again!