Anyone have/had a cat with arthritis?

  1. I think my precious Jack (Tabby Cat) who is 11 and 1/2 years old may have arthritis. Does anyone have experience with supplements or homeopathic medicine that can help him?
    Thanks in advance:heart:
  2. I'd suggest a veterinary x-ray to diagnose for certain what the issue is then go from there. Seeing as you are in Cali, there should be many homeopathic vets around - lucky you... totally jealous!!!
    I also would suggest checking out Animal Wellness magazine - it's my fave and has a great homeo-vet section!
    Good luck!!!
  3. Thank you very much! I appreciate your response and will take him to the vet for an xray and then move on from there.:smile:
  4. It was pretty obvious that my cat had arthritis and my vets didn't feel that we needed xrays to diagnose it. I gave her a supplement, Cosequin, twice a day. It was a sprinkle capsule that I mixed into her wet food. She also had a treat that had glucosamine in it as well. There was a heavier duty medicine, I can't remember the name, but I have it around the house somewhere, but she was only able to have it for a short period of time becuase my cat was ill and had kidney problems and that particular medicine is harder for the kidneys to process. But that isn't a problem for healthy cats, my cat was just very elderly.

    There are also heated pads for bedding that can help bring comfort to the joints. I saw them online, but never used them.