Anyone have Gucci keychain?

  1. If you can post a photo of you Gucci key chains that you have. Looking to purchase one and would like to see what everyone has. Thanks
  2. No, but they're really cute! Even better, I love those tiny heart shaped coin purses (if you're in particular looking for something small). Good luck!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. pursefiend,

    Love the key chain ! ! I have the same Mercedes smart key. Goes very well w/ black leather.
  5. thanks loft lady. but i wish i could take credit for that. that key belongs to my aunt. she just so happened came and visited when this post was made. so i took this picture for you :smile: i drive a bmw with the regular bmw keyring but i think i might invest in a gucci one now...seeing how cute it looks lol