Anyone have gold ostrich theda?

  1. I'm thinking of buying a limited edition piece. And I don't own any theda style bags so I really like the gold ostrich one. Anyone on here have it? I'd love to see pics for reference.
  2. Any one?
  3. Hahaha. I wish I had one. LOL. I have a Suede Theda PM. And I think Lulu has a Mini Mono Theda.
  4. I have one, it's a gorgeous bag! Definitely a statement piece. Here are a few pictures:
    theda1.jpg theda2.jpg thedainside.jpg
  5. That is one gorgeous bag!
  6. That is gorgeous! Thanks so much for the pics!
  7. You're welcome :flowers:. You won't be disappointed if you do decide to get one!
  8. That bag is beautiful!
  9. That is beautiful!
  10. It's a beautiful bag... I hope you get it!
  11. :love::love::love: So beautiful!! Lovely!!
  12. Wow! what a beauty!
  13. The only thing I have to do, is wait for one to pop up on eBay.
  14. wow gorgeous theda, whats the price on that? On eBay I found it in
    turquoise but they want over $6,000 for it.
  15. GORGEOUS :nuts: --> :drool: