Anyone have glasses with lenses that change from clear to tinted? Do you like them?

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  1. Getting new sunglasses and am thinking of getting the lenses that change from clear to tinted when you move into the sun. I wear glasses 100% of the time and my current sunglasses are due to be updated. Like the idea of having one pair I can wear without having to switch back and forth. I know that the transitional lenses always maintain a very slight tint, and that even in full sun they don't get as dark as conventional tinted lenses. Wondering if this is a major drawback.

    Was wondering whether anyone has these lenses and if so what your experience has been ---
  2. I worked as an optician and although they are a great innovation they aren't very good for driving. They work based on UV rays and there is already a UV filter in most car the transition lenses (as they are called) will stay completely clear in the car. Other than that they do darken and lighten a lot faster than they did years that is a plus!
  3. Thanks, blushingbaby! Appreciate the information!!

    Anyone else?
  4. I was advised against having mine done by my opthalmologist....the tint is not as strong as if you have them done with a standard all over tint, so wouldn't be much use for driving etc (especially as most windscreens have UV screen in them already)

    I think they'd be pretty good for general use though, like shopping, for example, as you go in and out of the shops the light reactive tint would kick in as and when you need it - perfect!;)

    So anyway.... i just got a new pair which i use for watching TV and driving on non-sunny days and i had my old pair fixed with a standard tint which cost £30 which are perfect for sunny days driving.

    I was quoted a starting price of £85 just for the light reactive tint, not including lenses and frames! :amazed:
  5. Thank you Chicky! It's expensive isn't it!

    I may just keep my old pair of sunglasses for very sunny situations and use these, as you say, in and out of the supermarket, etc.

    Anyone else?
  6. I have them and they're fantastic outdoors. The transition is flawless and it reverts fairly quickly.
    However, ditto on the "behind a window" thing and that is a major drawback for me.
  7. I like mine. Mine get pretty dark on sunny days...almost black. I could have sworn that the optician told me that you can have an extra layer of reactive tint added onto the glasses if you don't think the standard application gets dark enough for you, but I may be wrong. The other posters are right about them not changing when you're driving. That never bothered me though. I just put the sun shade on the car down if it gets too bright.
  8. Thanks Perja and ArmCandyLuvr. You are making me more and more comfortable that I should get them.
  9. You should if you can afford them... My company's health benefits allowed me to get them and it is fabulous. Go for them.