Anyone have extra $17,000 around - for a Croc B-Bag

Mariah said:
i don't think it's slouchy enough for a balenciaga...the crocodile kinda takes away the slouchiness. it's pretty, though

I was just thinking that !

What makes b-bags special is the delicious leather and how soft and slouchy they are, this bag just looks so structured and firm. It hardly looks like a b-bag at all !
That picture looks like it's been taken from aloharag's mainpage (if it doesnt show up the first time, keep reloading). But yea I agree with you all, the croc is just doesn't look as yummy as the slouchy buttery soft leather.
17,000.00 USD
United States Dollars =25,556.22 NZD
New Zealand Dollars
:amazed: = omg i just did the conversion! thats like :amazed: *passes out*

oh its just totally beautiful! thanks for letting us know ceejay
yhassan said:
I paid less money for my land rover...

yhassan ... what type of "Landie" do you have? My husband has a 1982 Series III (British Drive, Masai Red) - the type that you see in the movie "Out of Africa". He loves that thing ... even though it's more "off-road" than on (and I don't mean that he's driving off-road with it!!!).

I had two Rangies ('86 Vogue and 93 HSE). We also had a Defender (N.A. Spec). I STUPIDLY sold my Rangie's and tried the BMW X5 and then the Mercedes SUV - NO COMPARISON!!! As you can tell, we're Rover folks; I'm going to go back to a Rover as soon as the current lease is up!