Anyone have extra $17,000 around - for a Croc B-Bag

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  1. Cute :biggrin: I'd rather have a birkin for the price though.
  2. Agreed ... and in Red!!
  3. definitely a birkin!!!:lol: i saw the exact same one in green at looks kinda stiff...
  4. I usually like all Balenciagas, but I'm not really feeling this one... maybe it is the price, or the color of it? I'm not really a brown person.
  5. i don't think it's slouchy enough for a balenciaga...the crocodile kinda takes away the slouchiness. it's pretty, though
  6. I was just thinking that !

    What makes b-bags special is the delicious leather and how soft and slouchy they are, this bag just looks so structured and firm. It hardly looks like a b-bag at all !
  7. I paid less money for my land rover...
  8. The whole croc look kina blows the soft buttery b-bag leather in which we love in the first place. So for me. I think I'll stick to the original.
  9. That picture looks like it's been taken from aloharag's mainpage (if it doesnt show up the first time, keep reloading). But yea I agree with you all, the croc is just doesn't look as yummy as the slouchy buttery soft leather.
  10. Do they have an ostrich balenciaga too?
  11. 17,000.00 USD
    United States Dollars =25,556.22 NZD
    New Zealand Dollars
    :amazed: = omg i just did the conversion! thats like :amazed: *passes out*

    oh its just totally beautiful! thanks for letting us know ceejay
  12. yhassan ... what type of "Landie" do you have? My husband has a 1982 Series III (British Drive, Masai Red) - the type that you see in the movie "Out of Africa". He loves that thing ... even though it's more "off-road" than on (and I don't mean that he's driving off-road with it!!!).

    I had two Rangies ('86 Vogue and 93 HSE). We also had a Defender (N.A. Spec). I STUPIDLY sold my Rangie's and tried the BMW X5 and then the Mercedes SUV - NO COMPARISON!!! As you can tell, we're Rover folks; I'm going to go back to a Rover as soon as the current lease is up!
  13. ditto!