Anyone have experience with treating chicken pox scars or indented acne scars in Korea?


May 17, 2019
I've gone to Oracle Clinic and they offered great results with subcision, TCS cross and microneedling, but it required going back once a month for six months to see maximum results.

Curious if anyone else could share the experience with treating indented acne scars and/or chicken pox scars.
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Pug mom <3
Jun 21, 2021
This is probably not going to be very helpful but I got chicken pox as a kid and as a result got shingles in 2021. It was on my right ear and the right side of my face and neck. I did have some scarring and hyperpigmentation but I used silicone bandages everyday, did not expose anything to the sun, and kept my skin hydrated.
There were some slight indentations but that went away with time.
My face now doesn't show any signs of having had shingles.

I'm not sure if the chicken pox scars you're referring to are a recent development or something that is older and has been there for a while.


Nov 12, 2022
Hi miyumi! If you’re open to acne scar treatments outside of Korea, tbh I think you might be better off finding a provider locally because acne scar treatments need multiple sessions to see an improvement.

The forum is the best resource I’ve found for what treatments actually work for people with severe scarring. Different types of acne scars require different types of treatment so it’s best to have someone who can make a bespoke plan based on your scarring type, age of scars, skin color and so on.