Anyone have experience with

  1. In my opinion the leather looks very off. Personally I think it is too cheap, esp for a SS 2007 colour. I am pretty certain it is fake. Wait for lit and baglady's opinion to be sure.
  2. It's gone now.

    If you see something, buy it. If you don't like it, return it. That's my policy :smile:

    As for Smartbargains, I ordered a Ralph Lauren swimsuit from them and the quality is very bad. Maybe they only sell "second best" an outlet?
  3. Smart Bargains is Loehmann's
  4. The leather on the spy looked really suspect in my opinion. Is this a trusted site? Who else has purchased from them, out of curiosity. :smile:
  5. There is a thread about this bag in the Deals and Steals section. A member said she ordered a blueberry spy from them (not sure if it is the one that is now gone) and that it arrived at was authentic. I was a bit sceptical, though...
  6. Yeah, I'd like to see photos of this one. An actual one that someone has recieved.
  7. I bought a pair of Fendi sunglasses from them and they were authentic, granted that's not a bag. I bought a clavin klein bag from them also last year and it was fine. I trust that site for authenticity, Loehmans doesn't mess around.
  8. Thanks guys! I will post pictures on authenticity thread when it arrives :tpfrox:
  9. Good luck! For your sake I hope I am wrong. :smile:
  10. Me too, but easy return if you're right :yes:
  11. Hey green_eggs:nuts:!!! Congrats on the bag can't wait to see pics:tup:
  12. Hi there. I feel a bit unfaithful meeting you over here in Fendi :graucho:. How's my baby?
  13. Yeah I know I've been cheating with fendi for awhile now:sweatdrop:!!!! She's doing great:yes: just took her for a spin last week she definately gets plenty of :heart::heart::heart:!
  14. The bag came today, but it was a blueberry b-bag not a spy. It did look authentic though.