Tech Anyone have experience with phone warranties?

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  1. I'm not sure where to post this, but the microphone on my LG Shine stopped working about three days ago. I called AT&T, and they said that their procedure is that they send me a refurbished phone, and then I send my phone back to them. They re-inspect my original and if it does not have any problems like major scratches or signs that it's been dropped, then I get to keep the refurbished phone for free. If they do detect something, then I get charged the price of the handset ($210.00). There is no way to know if you're going to be charged beforehand or not, since you can't take it in personally.

    Has anyone done this before? My phone, as far as I know, doesn't have anything wrong with it except a lot of minor scratches (it's the stainless steel one, so scratches are inevitable in normal wear and tear), but I really don't want to send it in and have them find a reason to charge me the price of a retail handset for a refurbished one. Does this whole process have disaster spelled all over it, or am I being way too skeptical?
  2. I've had an experience just like this. I had the LG Shine (piece of s**t) for 6 weeks and then one day it had a scratch on it. I have a tendency to want things like those to stay perfect for as long as possible. So, of course I was devastated seeing as the phone's surface is glass and they can't make it THAT scratch proof or anything?? I brought it to the store and they said to go to the device support center and I did and they said they could get me a new one. But, like you, if the damages were minimal then I had to pay a $215.00 replacement fee. I returned the new phone since if the phone's this cheap then I'm not going to use another one so that one can break as well.

    I used a treo that we had lying around until that kicked the bucket since it was like 3 years old. I started using the LG Shine again, and what do you know? It turned off automatically periodically throughout the day! I had to bring it in (again) because that was becoming a problem and I didn't want something wrong with my battery. They told me again to send it to the device support center. I didn't of course, because they would only ship the phone off and then I would be charged. Now, the phone works fine, but the turning off is starting to come back. Luckily I get a new one next month.

    I would keep your phone until your upgrade, see if you have an extra phone lying around and use that one, or see if maybe you can get something on ebay for cheap. Those are my only suggestions. Since your microphone broke I would maybe see about your upgrade. I honestly believe that whole process isn't worth my time or money. The phone's cheap. Truly sorry, I totally know how you feel. I hope this helps. :flowers:
  3. My experience was...

    DH made me mad. I threw my phone. I would walk with it in my purse and it thought it was opening and closing, over and over and the battery would last half a day. My phone was insured, so they did a replacement for $50.

    I had called the 800 number first and they wanted me to do the same...send it in, etc...I said heck no! It's insured!!!

    Good luck, dear!!!
  4. This actually worked out for me in summer 07. My phone (razr) stopped working - the screen was totally white all the time. I could still make calls but only to people whose numbers I knew off the top of my head since I could not see **** on the screen. So I called AT&T and got transferred around a bunch and talked to a bunch of people and they told me to turn it off and turn it back on a bunch of times and eventually they sent me a refurb (which has worked perfectly for longer than my original) and I sent the old one back. Since I didn't break it, they didn't charge me. If they would have charged me they NEVER would have gotten me off the phone.
  5. Thanks, that did help a little, at least just to know I wasn't crazy for hesitating to send it in! My problem is that I am new with this company, on a 3-year contract, and I only just signed up with them in May (that's why the phone is still under warranty) so I don't think I'm eligible for an upgrade anytime soon. Right now I'm just leaning towards your suggestion of buying a cheap phone for $50 and using that instead...but I feel so ridiculous doing that because the phone is still under warranty and really doesn't have anything wrong with it other than normal wear and tear, so why is my paranoia about AT&T's shadyness getting in the way of me redeeming the warranty I'm technically entitled to, kwim?

    I guess the other option is to just buy a bluetooth headset and use that exclusively...
  6. Do you mind if I asked how long you had had the phone for? And what condition it was in? Mine is of course not broken in any way, and the problem happened literally in a split was fine for one call, and then the next call the person said they couldn't hear me, and that's how it's been with every other call. But it has scratches like I said and a very, very small dent (like, diameter of 3 mm maybe, and just a little pushed in) but those are just from wear and tear. I'm not one of those people that L-U-V-Purses described that needs to have things perfect..I just always threw my phone in my bag with my wallet, keys, and other items that could cause minor scratching, and now I'm worried that that will be a huge problem.
  7. I got the phone in November or December 2006 and it stopped working in July 2007. There were probably a few small scratches on it - like you, I'd just throw it in the bottom of my purse or in the front pocket of my backpack when I was at school. I figured I had nothing to lose, you know?

    Maybe take it into a store with a service center (does AT&T have those? I know Sprint does) and ask them what they think. Can you contest the charge if they try to charge you? I've had AT&T since 2005 and I've been pretty impressed with the reasonableness of their customer service. It would be pretty insane of them to expect peoples' phones to look perfect. Even if you don't drop it, you can't put it in a bubble all the time!