Anyone have experience with Chopard Repair Services?

  1. I have a happy diamond ring and the crystal overlay has turned smoky/black. I knew this would happen eventually, and think it is time to bring it in to the local boutique for them to send out to repair. I might also have to send in the matching necklace as well. Has anyone had to send anything out for the crystal replacement repair and if so, how was your experience? How does the pricing run to replace the crystal? I believe they will probably send it to Miami from the Palm Beach boutique. Thanks!
  2. I have used them in the UK,someone had a Happy Diamonds ring re-sized by an unauthorised jeweller and the gaskets under the crystal burned out as they are only rubber.It was fixed and sent back within 3 weeks and looked fantastic,I can't remember how much it was as watch went on the same repair bill and it was the whole amount paid for the two and not split,so I don't know.

    But I remember the place I was working at a girl from Chopard rang me,told me what needed doing,how long it would take etc,I could then relate this back to the client,and it was all done to the day.Very professional indeed.
  3. I have a happy diamonds heart ring that I bought several years ago. Last year I noticed there was some black (it looked like soot) inside the glass. A short time later I lost the floating diamond because the glass came out. I brought it down to Chopard's repair center in Manhattan and they replaced the diamond at no charge. Their customer service is superb.
  4. Thank you. Since I flew up to school without dropping it off at worth ave, I might just stop by the boutique in the city when I am there in a few weeks.
  5. hi, with regards to the "soot" I am seeing the same thing right now but on my watch face.... like on the insides of the glass that serve as the "floating diamond" pond. where was the repair center? when I went to change my battery I just went to the UES boutique and it took about 3 months for a battery change. help? advice? did they tell u what/why this had happened? thanks!
  6. i have seen the same soot on the inside of my heart happy ring. i'm very disappointed that this is a common design flaw. i had my ring cleaned 2x now and although it comes back looking new, it happens again and again. now, my ring just stays in the jewelry box...sigh. it costs a couple hundred dollars to have this done and i'm not ready to pay again...
  7. do u just take it to the nyc boutique? my old SA is no longer there, anyone u can recommend? also, anyone notice this happening after their "first" repair of some sort? never happened until I had to have the battery replaced and i don't even wear it everyday.