Anyone have Ergo Sig. Small Hobo or Patchwork Hobo?

  1. Does anyone have the Ergo Signature Small Hobo or the Patchwork Small Hobo bags that they could model for me?
  2. Just look for a thread started by handbaglvr. She has the Patchwork hobo in denim and there is a lovely picture of her modeling it.

    Here she is! Patchwork Ergo!

    this is the title, check it out.
  3. Thanks Liz! I took the modeling pics off since I purchased the larger one and will be posting newer pics!
    I purchased the small hobo last week, but upgraded to the larger one!
    It fits me much better!



  4. handbaglvr:

    I ordered the large one and should have it on Wednesday. I don't know if I'll keep it though, it is my first signature piece and the first patchwork I have ever considered. I am glad you upgraded to the large one. It really holds alot of stuff and is really cool looking.

    kind regards,
  5. Where would I find the denim small ergo hobo on the website?
  6. Liz,
    You'll have to let us know what you think about it! I am really happy with the larger one! I am glad I upgraded, too! Thanks for the PM a few weeks ago about that!

    Go to
    At the top, type in patchwork, or 10808.
    That's the smaller hobo.
    The larger one isn't on the website yet.
    They just got them in stores on Wed. but aren't putting them out until next week.
  7. i have the small leather in white...sorry no pics modeling it though.