Anyone have ebay customer service phone #?!

  1. Hi, my eBay account just got hacked! :wtf: Can someone give me the eBay customer service phone # so I can end this nightmare? :crybaby:

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. Don't you have to go online? I tried calling this number and it kept directing me back to the internet. GL!
    Toll Free: 800-322-9266
    I don't think any of them work?
  3. Use live help on the homepage.
  4. Never mind... I'm on eBay live chat.

    But thank you so much for the info!! =)
  5. Thank you!! :heart:
  6. I hope you get the problem resolved quickly :yes:
  7. I love my tPF girls! :smile:
  8. Mods, please close this thread. Thank you.
  9. Hey Irissy, how did you find out your account got hijacked if you don't mind sharing?
  10. I was once bidding on an item on Ebay, and suddenly my bids were gone and I got some strange mail from the supposed seller that I could get the item now for this money, something with no paypal in Romania etc. I then asked the seller what was going on? As it turned out someone hacked her account (fishing email), it's a scam, they wait till the last day when auction ends...