Anyone have Dior Cannage Medium Hobo?

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  1. Is the leather sturdy or does it scratch easily? Is the bag heavy? Comfortable to wear?

  2. Hi Pseub!

    The lambskin is VERY lightweight for the Cannage line (and very luxurious; it also doesn't scratch easily at all...I've owned the drawstring bag before and I was really scared about it scratching because it was made from a softer leather, but it was very resilient), but what may make the bag heavier is the huge brass's MUCH heavier than you expect so it can weigh the bag down a little bit.

    That said, it's probably still very light compared to other bags of the same size from Dior.
  3. And yes it's also very comfortable to wear, because the straps are lambskin too and they feel plush! :biggrin:
  4. OK, I'm clicking the Order button! I'm still on my search for the perfect travel bag for shlepping around Paris, hope this one will be it!
  5. And MayDay, thanks for all of the info!
  6. Hi again Pseub!

    You're very welcome! I'm sure that it will be the perfect travel and work bag! :biggrin:
  7. I notice from your collection you're quite the Dior Maven! :nuts: Love your Lady Dior bag!
  8. Thank you very much!! :biggrin::smile:

    J'adore Dior!!!!!!!:heart: