Anyone have diamond logo earrings?

  1. Hi just wondering if anyone out there has the CC logo diamond earrings and is willing to share a pic?

    I tried to do a search in the Ref Library but no luck.

    I really want to get some diamond studs for everyday. I was thinking that the CC logo would be so stylish and better then just plain old studs, but I don't think I have ever seen anything but the rhinestone ones. Do they look the same?

  2. get a nice pair of diamond studs-classic.
  3. I'd rather get plain studs too. I use mine more than my rhinestone CC. CC logo's more of a trendy thing..but as Jfusion said, studs are classic.
  4. i would get the diamond studs then if you still want a pair of chanels get something that not that many people have ! :smile:
  5. i'll try to post a pic later.
  6. how much are the diamond studs compared to the rhinestone studs?
  7. i was confused, i thought you meant the crystal. :shrugs: