Anyone have Damier Knightsbridge?

  1. I went into LV and was most impressed with Knightsbridge. I happily purchased and walked out with the ManhattanGM (which I love).
    BUT I still have my eye on the other...anyone have it/use it?
    How do you like it?
  2. I'd like to know too- I don't know anyone who has either the Knightsbridge or the Highbury
  3. I like knighsbridge, very cute with wide opening. I adore the LV stamp along the zipper. Check damier club, I think someone has this bag but I can't remember.
  4. By the way,welcome to PF..

  5. Not yet, but both Knightsbridge and Manhattan GM are my next purchases. I, too, would like to see someone post a picture wearing the Knightsbridge...I wonder if it is too small for me.
  6. the knightsbridge is a beautiful bag!! I love the way it opens and the unique shape!! I very lovely handbag indeed...
  7. It really is a beautiful bag...:yes:

    but seemed abit uncomfortable to use some how...Since I love Damier...I ran in to check it out along with that other new one but....was a bit heavy too... I was bumed...I wish it was alot bigger too....:P
  8. doesnt it remind you of the mini monogram josephine? the zipper thing reminds me of it when i first saw it :smile:
  9. are right, never thought about it. It's also like belem style zipper..the end of the zipper Belem :love:
  10. I tried on the highbury at LV the other day...gorgeous!!! But its a bit over my budget right now:crybaby: