anyone have comme il faut shoes?

  1. So, I'm heading to Buenos Aires soon and I've heard that these are the Manolos of South America (or at least of Argentina, since I've spent time in almost every South American country and never heard of 'em until a year or two ago). Anyone have any?

    They apparently will not post pics of the whole shoe on their website because they are afraid of having their ltd. edition shoes copied. Also, I heard that you cannot even browse their selection in the store... you have to tell them what you are looking for and then they bring a few shoes out to you
  2. Hi

    Sorry to drag up an old thread but in case you are still reading mich327, I have a pair of Comme Il Faut shoes. They are absolutely gorgeous, snakeskin with padlocks hanging off the back, to die for! But they are too big for me unfotunately, their collections only start at a size 5?!