Anyone have Coach Luggage?

  1. I'm thinking about buying this.... but in Khaki/Brass/Mahogany. Has anyone else gotten the Coach luggage? How do you like it? Is it worth the price? I figure it is around $450 if I order it during a PCE.
  2. That is so adorable. I dont have any but I want the carry on (the one at the outlets) in black!!! If anyone has them can you tell us how they hold up?
  3. My friend has had some for about 7 years now and she loves them, she says they last forever and go on all her trips...she has that roller suitcase and one of those big bags, and she loves them.
  4. They always have these at the outlets with an additional 20% off. I'd check there.
  5. i have always wanted one....but no don't own one....
  6. i've wanted one of those roller bags for awhile now.
    but my mom bought me a 6-piece luggage set last march, so i can't justify it.

    [unless i sell the other luggage first!:nuts: ]
  7. I have a leather cabin bag and a transatlantic roller suitcase (like the one pictured, but in the transatlantic fabric...sorry, I'm not exactly sure what that was.) I have used these bags back and forth between Alaska and California and all over the globe. They are amazing, fit a lot and have held up really well. I have never checked them (always carry them onto the plane or put them in the carry-on luggage storage space on really small planes), so I can't testify about that. I love them and I'm really glad that I picked them up.

    Actually, I would get the vermillion stripe ... I just love the orange color! But the mahogany stripe is gorgeous too (and probably much more practical)! :p
  8. They have them in my Outlet too (Tulalip/Quil Ceda in Washington State), but only in the mini Signature fabric. I want the larger Signature fabric. If the rumor about PCE being extended until after Christmas is true, then I should be able to afford it. My DH will roll his eyes when he finds out how much it is, but that is why we both have separate fun money accounts and an allowance!
  9. I want one soo bad but I'm scared that it will accidently get "lost" at the airport.
  10. As a former airline rep, the airline insures you for "loss" for you bag and its contents. Just make sure to always keep the receipt for proof of cost. :yes:
  11. I LOVE that, but I'd be soooo freaked out about throwing that around in baggage claim, etc.

  12. LOL, I know what you mean... Airlines are really rough on luggage... But, I've seen people shrink wrap their luggage or have plastic covers (Like Grandma's couch)... It gets pretty crazy... I think I would use it only for carryon or for non-flying trips!

    I had one couple with a LV duffle bag that had damage... They were really PO'd because they received it as a wedding present ......until we told them it wasn't real.:push:
  13. Okay. I did it. I ordered it from the store today - make that yesterday 12/10. I'm going to use it as my carry on since it is the size that you can use for that. Plus I agree that I would be too worried about it getting banged around in the cargo hold.
  14. :yahoo::yahoo:Good for you! I think you are going to look fabulous ANYWHERE you go!!!