Anyone have Coach Hamptons Sign chkbk wallet black for me to compare??

  1. I reeceived my Coach Hamptons Signature Checkbook wallet today (Black on Black color) from eBay -- it looks pretty good, but there are a few minor details that I would like to compare if someone has actually purchased this wallet from the Coach retail store. Model is 6K13 (newer syle -- some small changes from previous version). PLEASE let me know if anyone has this so I can ask some questions! Thanks! :smile:
  2. P.S. If I could go to a Coach store myself I would -- but the nearest one to me is 2 hours away :sad:
  3. Thanks, I appreciate that. I looked at that already and although I can zoom in on some of the detail, I cannot see the zipper. Also, the wallet has "dual" stitching, it is white on the outer part and like a very light tan on the inner part. I cannot tell if it is like this on the Coach website. I've seen others on eBay with this type of stitching though. Also, I have an older wallet and the edges of the checkbook cover are pointed...on this wallet, they are slighly rounded -- this, of course, could just be because it is a newer style. Details like that......
  4. Could you post pics here? Maybe some of the lovely ladies here could help you?
  5. Sure, I will try. I have a digital camera, but I am not sure how much detail I can pick up. Pictures will soon follow.....
  6. OK...I took pictures at 4MP...too big too upload...then 2.1MP...still too big...I will go down to 1.1MP but I am not sure how much detail will be abel to show! ugh! :smile: I have my compression at standard as well....
  7. OK guys..I am just frustrated now....I have taken three sets of pictures and they are all too big too upload...I have my camera set on my minimum quality standards so I do not know how I will be able to post pictures :sad:
  8. Use Paint to resize the pictures!
  9. I have this wallet in brown so if you post pictures I can compare it with mine.
  10. THANK YOU! I will (attempt) to post pictures this evening! :smile:
  11. Pictures! Thanks for checking this for me...
    Coach wallet2 001.jpg Coach wallet2 002.jpg Coach wallet2 003.jpg Coach wallet2 004.jpg Coach wallet2 005.jpg Coach wallet2 006.jpg Coach wallet2 008.jpg Coach wallet2 009.jpg Coach wallet2 017.jpg
  12. It looks good to me! Its nearly exactly like mine only your sides and corners have double stitching whereas mine only has a single line of stitching, theres no COACH stamped on the inside of mine like there is yours where the checks are and also my zipper compartment at the back, the pull tab is different than yours BUT I'm nearly certain these differences dont mean its fake because [1] my wallet was purchased at an outlet, its an older version no longer available on the website and [2] your wallet looks just like the one still on the website, double stitching/pull tab and all! Plus all the regular tell-tell signs checkout too: aligned C's, font on COACH Leatherware Est. 1941 -- Sorry, I hope this helped :/ I'm sure the girls will help you out and give you a second opinion here soon!
  13. It looks pretty good to me!
  14. It looks good as far as I can tell too =)