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  1. Saw them on NaturalGasGirl on eBay. Never seen them at the store....not sure what season they are from...but I like what I see. Curious as to how they look on. If anyone has them post pics if you can. Thanks!!:love:
  2. Honestly, this is too much toe cleavage IMO. When I saw the shoe on Sarah Michelle Gellar, I did not like what I saw. It was also featured in Martha Stewart (included the photo), but it's just one from behind so of course the shoe looks great from that angle. Retail was only $520 so don't fall for NGG's prices. LOL
  3. Sorry, photos would not attach in my previous post.
    CL Maudissimo.jpg christian_louboutin_cleavage_heels_sarah_michelle_gellar.jpg SMG 2.jpg SMG3.jpg
  4. Asha...I knew you would be the perfect one to answer my question! lol
    Your right....way too much cleavage! I love toe cleavage, but this is a bit much.
    And NGG's prices are way too much for me. I just keep wondering where in the world she gets the shoes from! I want to know, not to sell, but for myself! lol
    Thanks Asha!
  5. I really love that shoe in nude satin and actually don't think it's too much toe cleavage -- it's obviously a special-occasion shoe and the nude satin material/color with the toe cleavage work well together.
  6. The nude satin is very pretty.
    I would still like to see if someone on TPF has them. We always seem to take better pics than stars! lol I feel like our pics are more "Real Life" pictures. More natural. It sounds stupid i know .
  7. I think they are really pretty but one has to have exceptionally beautiful toes to wear them, imho.
  8. As beautiful as they are, those would look like crap on me. lol
  9. I agree that the nude satin is very pretty, but I prefer the nude satin yoyos that Nicole Richie wore compared to these.

    I agree that your toes better be perfect if you want to wear these. LOL
  10. I like these, but not in the photo that Asha posted above. Those photos are not very flattering. Who do those fugly toes belong to? I think that for anyone that decides to wear these shoes must have some pristine toes without bruises or blisters.
    I really like the nude satin, I think they are fabulous - on the right foot.
  11. Sarah Michelle Gellar
  12. We have a million members here, someone must have them. lol
    But yes...your feet must be perfect.
  13. i agree, your feet have to be perfect since there's so much emphasis on your feet! if i own those shoes, i have to do feet spa and exfoliation lol but those still wouldn't rescue my ugly ballerina toes :sad: