Anyone have children on Genotropin... Growth hormone?

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  1. Hi, I just wondered if anyone had kids on the growth hornone Genotropin?
    And what their experiences were. My daughter started it a little over a month ago. Or if anyone knows of any good forums for this type of thing. Thanks
  2. Just curious about age and height of your daughter. I think I know someone that should be on it.
  3. She is 10 and is about 48".
    She has been on it for a little over a month and is starting to get these white striae(lines) on her outer thighs. I called the company and they had not heard of that side effect.
    Anyways, just looking for more people with their experiences....
  4. Also, she is getting it for Small growth development. Her levels are normal, but she has always been way under the growth curve.
    She was born at 30 weeks and weighed only 13 ounces
  5. The little girl I know is also 10 (will be 11 in Sept) and only 48 inches. My daughter just turned 8 yrs old is 48 inches so that is why I'm concerned about the almost 11 year old. She has not begun puberty yet and her parents - esp. mom - are on the smaller side. I just feel if she stops growing totally at 13-14 and only puts on a couple inches for each of the next few years, that she might not hit 4ft8. Her parents are not worried and think she is just a late bloomer and can continue growing until 17 years old. The girls I know all stopped growing in height by 14 at the latest.
  6. She should probably get it checked out. They estimated the total height according to my daughters growth curve was only going to be 4'11'. So we are doing this to hopefully at least get her to 5'0. I don't think it is bad to be short, but the doctor explained that it would be better for her for driving etc, and this also helps with stronger muscle development as well
  7. I was told but don't believe it that this little girl's estimate is 5ft2. They x-rayed her hand and looked at growth plates. Perhaps she is just a late bloomer and will have a big spurt. I just feel that 48 inches for an almost 11 year-old is quite small.
  8. I haven't been on any sort of treatment. I am currently 18 turning 19. my parent are slightly less than average height. I think I was slightly above 48" at that age (much smaller than people my age though) but I am now 5ft3 and I have actually grown an inch at least in the last year. I was/am a late grower and I haven't had a "growth spurt" just grown slowly. Most of my friends stopped growing by about 15 but I have kept growing albeit slowly! I Hope that helps.
  9. Hi, I am 16 year old male and I have been on Genotropin since I was about 4 years old. I was in about the 5th percentile and am now in about the 60th percentile. I am 5'11" and I could make it to as much as 6'2". This stuff is a wonder drug.
  10. I should ask my doc about this. My guy was born at 27 weeks weighing 2 lb 3 oz - which is average for that gestational age. He remained average and then just fell of the growth curve chart, now in the 3rd percentile. His neonatoloigst has never been concerned - I'm only 5'2" - but his my DH, needless to say, is quite concerned. At 8 years old he is only 40 lb and 46 inches.
  11. are they stretch marks? sometimes spurts in growth can cause them on thighs especially.
  12. I think they are stretch marks^^. I just hope at this age they will fade and not get worse. They are in a weird spot for stretch marks. Like halfway between her knee and hip on outer thigh.
    Maybe that's just geographically how they show up on kids...

    To "feturley", so you did the treatment non-stop from age 4, to currently??
    That is awesome growth though