Anyone have chanel "pearls"...

  1. Can you post pictures???
  2. oohh i would love to see pics too!
  3. KathyD has some, maybe look in her Bag Showcase, she doesn't come in here much.
  4. Here are mine. I wear them all the time, even layered with other pearls.
    Chanel pearls1.jpg
  5. I'm such a big, fat liar! LMBO!

    Thanks Kath, LOVE those pearls!!!
  6. They are beautiful.... I am dying for some pearls.
  7. In here now. lol.
  8. I'm just curious (if you don't mind sharing...) how much were they? and in general.. how much is Chanel costume jewellery?

    I LOVE the pearls by the way! Gorgeous Kathy!!! :love:
  9. Kathy - they're GORGEOUS. thanks so much for sharing!
  10. Thanks everyone. They were $695. That's a lot for faux pearls I know, but I saw some exactly like mine sell on ebay for $715.
  11. Thanks for sharing the picture and the pricing Kathy! It's very much appreciated!!! :yes:

    Although the price does seem a lot for costume jewellery, but when you put it that way... it seems like a real deal!! :graucho:

    Plus... since it's pearls.. it's classic enough that you can wear it your entire life.. and on a 'per use' basis... it's really chaper than having a Starbucks coffee everyday for just under a year... (about 352 days based on ordering a tall americano every day... :P )
  12. KathyD - thanks for posting! it's totally gorgeous!! :love: Love the wood on your coffee table btw!
  13. Kathy - I LOVE those! They're gorgeous.

    I'm dying for some real pearls :P
  14. I'm thinking about getting these right now. Tried them on in the store yesterday but I am taken aback by the price for faux pearls.
  15. Chanel accessories are beautiful. I love your pearls too KathyD. I'm sure they look great layered.