Anyone have Cervo Shoulder Bag in Light Brown?

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  1. Hello, I am considering getting this bag - it's on the Saks site as Cervo Shoulder bag

    The color says Light Brown - two questions:

    Anyone have this shape Cervo bag (i.e. not the Cervo hobo) - how do you like it?

    And...what color is this? Is it the Eduardo color that they've recently come out with?
  2. could be Eduardo or Maroon
  3. You're talking about this bag, yes? This brown color, not the maroon one?

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  4. Yes, the brown. Not the maroon. Thanks!
  5. Hello, just thought I'd one seems to have this color but does anyone have this style cervo bag? I know many love the cervo hobo but I was wondering how this east/west style has been received.
  6. It's a big bag and very slouchy. My dd saw it IRL and I had my SA send me pics of it on her shoulder. It's too big for me and it bottoms out when you put stuff inside which is not a look I like. But if it was a tad smaller and a bit less slouchy I'd jump.
  7. Hello,

    I bought this bag in August in Maroon, and it has quickly become my favorite bag! It's so soft and slouches nicely, yet has room for everything.

    My everyday bag was a large ebano veneta, but I've switched to the maroon!

    It's gorgeous in the light brown- I may need to go visit that. :smile:
  8. Please post some pictures in this thread, and a modeling one too if you don't mind.
  9. ^^Yes, I'd love to see it on the shoulder too! I also have been considering this bag but am worried it's too big. I've tried on the cervo hobos and the loop bag before and on me, they just look too large...

    The dimensions of the Cervo bag on Saks website seem smaller (than the hobo?)