anyone have cartier?

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  1. just to continue on the jewellery thing..... i would like to know if anyone has some cartier goodies....

    i'll start.

    santos watch and two love bracelets. the first one was my engagement "ring" (yellow gold). i said yes, and he put it on me, screwed the 'screws' ... and has NEVER come off. :love: (even in labour and delivery!) and the second is white gold with diamonds all around. (christmas present one year):biggrin: and the matching ring... (another christmas present).:biggrin: :biggrin:

    oh and the sunglasses.

    the bracelets never come off. LH
    and i only own the one watch. RH
    (:idea: although i REALLY like the tank.....):shame:
  2. I got a trinity xl ring for my 10th anniversary last year. It was pretty much a demand since my old wedding ring is too big and it's the only jewelry I own.
  3. cartier is my favourite together with bulgari, so i own a good number of pieces, mostly earrings nd bracelets and rings.
    i like salvini and damiani too.
  4. divina..... whats a 'good number' mean?

    c'mon. tell. please?
  5. I only have a medium Tank Francaise gold & steel. We love Cartier watches, my hubby has a roadster. I'd love to have the Trinity ring with diamonds and another watch with diamonds for evening.
  6. i don't know, i have to phone my mom in london and make her count them....:smile:
    here with me i have 2 bracelets, 1 watch, 2 pairs of earrings and a necklace.
  7. Not any more.:sad2:
  8. My husband and I got the Love rings in platinum as our wedding ring.
  9. I have a santos my husband gave me as a wedding present (engraved). I love it!!
  10. I have the trinity rings as well. Funny story about that. Some ******* got them for me, but we got into this huge fight. Obviously I couldnt just keep them so I donated those to a charity and then bought the exact same pair back for myself :lol:
  11. You did not! That's hilarious! I wish I was there when you donate them!
  12. :lol: Yeah, he didn't believe me either, but he can go ahead and check the #s on the cert lol, definitely not the same ring. If you were there you probably could have scored lol, they were too large for my mom, damn her and her small fingers lol, and a bit too small for my best friend. If they fit you, they'd have been yours lol.
  13. Oh my goodness! You are all talking about this wonderful jewlery and NO PICS!!!

  14. Bummer! Lucky to whoever got it. Maybe I should head down to the charity shops from now on, just in case carzy people like you have just dropped by...kidding!
  15. :lol: you'd be surprised what ends up down there, along with the rings I also dropped off an LV Cerises cles, a Juicy bag, another bag that shall not be named, and some other random stuff. It was a good day to be there. I'm not sure if that particular charity resells, but I wouldn't doubt it, I don't think the insanely poor need designer goods. They'd probably benefit more from the $$$ for food.