Anyone have/carry Coussin GM?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am considering buying a Coussin GM on e-bay and was wondering if anyone has this style and if so, do you like it, is it easy to carry etc .... I'm looking for something that is easy on the shoulder, doesn't slide off and is easy to get things in and out of.....

    Any help would be appreciated... thanks so much.
  2. I had the coussin, but sold it for these reasons.. It is rather small on the interior/width for a GM model, and didn't fit more than the basics. One strap always slid off my shoulder, which was very uncomfortable to carry. And last the vachetta at the bottom corners was exposed to everything and got dirty quickly. On a positive note, I rarely see this bag being carried so you'd be unique.
  3. I have one and only use it on lighter load days. it's very cute not definitely not everywhere like speedy, but since there's no 'thickness/width' it's easy to 'bulge' from over stuffing. I can fit in medium agenda, cles, key, phone, Nintendo DS lite, gum, lip gloss, and may be a slim DC. sorry it's not w/me now, or i would've taking pix for you :flowers:

    It's discountinued already, and make sure you post the eBay auction @ the Auth thread before placing bid :yes:
  4. I have one and use it for small load days as well. I love the unique shape and the thin straps. One strap tends to fall off my shoulder as well, but I still like using it! I'll be keeping mines for awhile since it's discountinued:tup:
  5. i cross the straps on my shoulder so it' won't slide off easy. if you are looking for a bigger bag, Neverfull might be a better fit, but it's not zipped.
  6. There's one available on Eluxury.
  7. Thanks for all your input .... maybe something a little "thicker" would be best ... anyone try the croissant GM ???????