anyone have bottega handbags???

  1. Can anyone with bottega handbags tell me how durable are they ???
    am planning to buy one so wanted to know whether they stand the test of time?? also how is the leather and the look of these bags .any pictures will be really great .Iam a balenciaga fan ,so those who have both how do they compare???
    thanks a lot for ur help .
  2. Bottega veneta bags are known to be one of the best quality out there.. there was few threads about the brand.. do a search of bottega and im sure ull find the information you're looking for :smile:
  3. No problem! :biggrin:
  4. Greetings!

    I have two Bottega bags from the late '70's, before the line became hyper expensive. I bought them from a friend for $15 and $23.

    One is navy blue and shaped like a fat "U" and the other is rust and shaped like a fat sausage, gathered at the ends.

    I'm telling you, they will last forever. The leather is SO soft, yet durable, and the straps show absolutely no signs of deterioration. Both have been well loved and look amazing to this day.

    Hope this helps. You won't regret your decision. The bags are timeless and you never have any weird design problems, like I do with my Spy.

  5. ^^ well said SKelly..

    can u post a picture of those 70's BV bags? im very curious of how they look like? :smile:
  6. ^ Yes, I'd love to see them too, if possible, Shelley! :flowers:
  7. Bottegas never seem to wear out. I just sold a vintage woven bag (prob 25 years old) and it was in perfect condition and as soft as could be. Even the buyer in her feedback on eBay said how perfect it was. So durability never worries me. The leather just gets softer and softer. They are one of the best bags made, IMO. (and sorry, I don't know how to post photos of my bags)
  8. i love ur bags where did get the last one in brown in BV ,what is the name and how much is it
  9. I have a few Bottegas and the leather is fantastic. The softest I've ever touched. I also have a Balenciaga and the difference is the Balenciaga is as about as soft but not as thick. I love Bottega because their styles are classic. As someone said above, it'll last you YEARS.
  10. DH bought me this BV tote this afternoon, as his pre-christmas gift for me :yahoo:

  11. mrs. sweet- love it! Congratulations- what a sweetie for a DH:yes:
  12. mrs sweet u are lucky -really nice bag ,how much was it and also how is the feel of leather
  13. Mrs Sweet, that is a beauty! Love that new size tote. DH has wonderful taste!