Anyone have both Damier Alma and Speedy?

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  1. I've been wanting to get a Damier ebony Speedy 30 (or maybe 25) but I've held off, thinking it might be too similiar to the Alma. Does anyone have both of these, and if so, do you regret it or feel they are too much alike? I already have an azur speedy 25 and a mono speedy 25 (love the speedys) and 30 might be too huge for me, but I thought that would be different. What do you think? I love my Alma, but I want to keep it in perfect condition, so I was thinking of the Speedy for everyday - especially in the rainy weather. Would you own both?
  2. Similar... not even! If you want the speedy too the go for it!!
  3. Dell, thanks for the encouragement! I'm really tempted to get the Speedy.
  4. I have both, and they are very different from one another......

    The alma is more dressy and chic..the speedy is truely a classic and great with a t and jeans.....

    I love both of them and could not be without them...
  5. I have mono Alma and speedy 25 and totally agree with Bagluvluv, very different bags.
  6. I'ld love to own both!!! I have the damier speedy 25 now for casual wear....and want an alma for a more glammed up look!!!
  7. I have the damier Alma, azur speedy 25, and epi speedy 25 in red. I am still considering getting another speedy .I want my alma to stay mint and elegant too and she is a bit heavier than the speedys. I say go for it.
  8. not even close to different bags. I 'd own both. In fact own the alma and speedy both in multicolor.
  9. Get it! I kind of just went through the same dilemma myself- I had my mono alma for a while and recently bought a mini lin speedy. My sisters thought I was crazy to have 2 handheld LVs. But they really are different bags. I tend to wear my alma when I need a more structured bag for dressier occasions and my speedy for everyday. And they are both classic styles. It's amazing how many people will still drool over my alma and I bought it 8 years ago!
  10. I have a white epi alma and would love an MC alma! I have mini lin speedy 30 and azur speedy 25, almas and speedys work well together in collections... it would be really fun to have both in damier or MC.... cool!
  11. I only have the speedy 30 in damier but have the alma in white MC, they are totally different styles ... I say get the damier 30, it's a great everyday bag especially winter months! Would I own both ~ most definitely!
  12. I absolutely agree, those bags are very different and there is nothing wrong with owning both of them. IMO, the Speedy is an everyday "ride or die" bag as I like to call it, lol. The Alma (although it looks fine as an everyday bag) has a more elegant design and would be used for dressier occassions. But they are definitely not similar....get your speedy!! :tup:
  13. I think they're different bags, so don't worry and go for the Damier Speedy if you love it! It's a perfect bag for rainy days and winter months!
  14. ooooh, the damier alma is tdf!!! sooooo gorgeous! i have the speedy 25 and am considering getting the 30 as what you feel is correct to your taste, i think the same as others, that the alma can be very elegant and the speedy is casual chic!
  15. I think they're completely different! - shapes, styles, size...go for it! The Damier Alma in your avatar is TDF!