anyone have both a keepall 45 AND 50?

  1. i don't know why anyone would have 2 bags so similar to one another, but i have just been looking for a pic where i can see the size difference. i know it's only by a couple inches, but still :p anyone have a pic of anything like this? maybe an epi 50 and a mono 45 or something like that? lol.
  2. dear, are you thinking about 'upgrade' the keepall 45? ^_<
  3. lol to a 50...i just want to make sure the 45 is big enough. but i want one of the smaller ones anyway. lol so it's one or the other ;)
  4. i like 45
  5. too late now, proud owner of a keepall 45 :biggrin: now comes the wait ... :whistle:
  6. I've got the 45 and 60 - use both a ton. The 45 is awesome for a quick "toss everything in and go" for travel, etc. I use the 60 for overnight trips and packing for places when I'm driving.

    Can't go wrong with either! (or both :yes: )
  7. congrats;)
    i want the 45 too
  8. Please post pics of it when it arrive and tell us how you will be using it.
  9. i will :biggrin: it is coming from eluxury. i ordered my BH from them and had a good experience. plus paying zero sales tax is always a good thing ;) it will most likely be accompanying me on my cruise in march. otherwise i just got it for like a one night trip or for new years i stayed overnight in a hotel for just that night...and i was like OMG, i need a bag!!!! lol. so quite excited to be receiving this one :biggrin: