Anyone have bbag with new big gold hardware?

  1. at first i thought the big gold hardware looked a lil obnoxious but ever since i saw this picture of the vert d'eau on atelier naff website i can't stop thinking about it! i really like the combination of gold and green. i think i may need to see the vert gazon with gold as well...

    has anyone bought new bbags with the gold hardware? or seen them in irl? it it a lil overkill? are people still resisting it or is it gaining popularity? i'm a lil conflicted bc i can't tell if i will still like it next year and i'm already havin a mini heart attack thinking about dropping all that cash, but its so cute i want one!
  2. I'm totally in love with that bag too but in the city. I love the big hardware (I love things a little flashy). I've seen them IRL (but coincidentally not in the vert d'eau) and really like them. But they are a chunk of change though!!!
  3. I've seen what seems like most of the colors in real life with the GH (cafe, black, natural, grass green, french blue, marine..) The only one i really liked was the Cafe.. In the grass green and french blue, especially, it looked a too loud for my taste. I also definitely prefer the huge hardware on the hobo and the brief.
  4. I just got a Noir (black) City with the giant hardware, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Everyone seems to have such bad things to say about them, but they've been flying off the shelves in Neiman where I live. In my opinion, it really makes the bag stand out a lot more than the reg hardware. Granted, they are a lot more than the reg hardware, but its worth it! I promise you'll love it.
  5. I just got a black Brief with the gold hardware and I LOVE IT!!!! It's so cool. I love how it looks very dressy with the gold hardware but is perfect with jeans and a t-shirt. It's so chic and not at all boho which is what I sometimes think with all the B-bag tassles.

    I do think that the giant hardware looks best on the bigger bags like the brief and the weekender. I also like how it contrasts with white and black. I didn't like the gold with the green or cafe that I saw. Haven't seen any other colors....
  6. I've purchased a giant brief in vert d'eau but i've returned it and changed it with a GH Naturel Brief..
    Giant Brief v. d'eau 001.jpg Bale 024.jpg
  7. So the giant hardware bbag didn't come with the first bag, right?
    What's the price of a city in that design?
    Is the giant hardware a permanent design?
    (I have one on my wishlist, heee, so I want to make sure that I can get it later)

    Thank you for answer my question. (if anyone answer them...)
  8. I was at NM over the weekend and they had tons of bags with the giant hardware. IMO it looks better on the more neutral colors (black, white, etc.) and looks kind of gaudy on the brighter colors (red, green, blue, etc.). And the giant hardware definitely makes the bag MUCH heavier.
  9. I've got the marine day with GH that's in my signature. I love it!

    edited to add: ITA with these selling very well too, they had a bunch at my Barney's and I went back a couple of days later and they were all gone.
  10. Thanks guys! I think its probably true, the hardware prolly looks better with the neutral colors. i saw a photo of cameron diaz with one and it looked really cute. i really need to see the new bbag gold cones in real life bc i have no idea how big is big.
  11. I just recently got a black city with giant hardware and i love it. It adds a lot more character to the bag if you ask my opinion, not to mention it really dresses it up. It does get heavy though, but its well worth the hauling. ;)
  12. I LOVE the new gold hw on the bigger bags. I got the Cafe Day in it first and loved it so much that I then proceeded to get the White and the Black Days in it too. DH even likes it on the Day bags & colors I got and he isn't a 'Bbag fan' at all. It just adds that little bit of oomph to the bag and is a nice change of pace from the regular hw. It isn't 'heavy' either, at least on the Day. I have several Chloe Paddy's and the Paddy is still quite a bit heavier. Here are the pics (cafe & white are in the first pic & black is by itself in the second pic):

    Cafe and White day gold hw.jpg Black DAY with gold hw.jpg
  13. what are the prices in USD on the bags with big hardware?
  14. I saw almost all colours and styles with the GH and even though I tried them I still don't like them, too loud and bling bling for my taste. The GH bags aren't typical Bbags anymore IMO because they're pretty heavy and not understated so everything I love about bbags they're not. Sorry but I'll pass this season.
  15. I dont plan on buying any bags with the big hardware, although I bet the cafe and natural look great with it.