Anyone have Banana & Republic Friends and Family coupon?

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  1. I know Banana Republic is having a Friends and Family sale (30% off) on Dec 1 to Dec 3. Anyone have a copy of the coupon? There are 2 coats I want to buy. Thank you! :flowers:
  2. i think gap, old navy & banana republic doesnt allow online print out coupons anymore. they want the real f&f card.
  3. Damn! :Push:
  4. hi !
    i got these in my email from a friend, but i don't know if they are can use these codes online but i can't promise they will work...try them

    for 30% off one time use between 11/30-12/6

    for 30% off 12/1-12/3

    old navy-D1ZLF9QBRSDX
    for 20% off 11/27-12/3

    these sound too good to be true to me, but hey it's worth a try....
  5. ps i also have the email coupon, but i don't know how to put it here for you to see it...i can forward you the entire email if you want , let me know
    or let me know how to post it here..i'll be gone all day today but i will check the forum tonight.
  6. I think these codes are one time use only...they're getting sneaky with their coupons
  7. Here's one for 20% off and free shipping plus get $25 gift card for every $150 spent (good till Nov. 30). hth

  8. 15% offer through Dec. 24th. Use code SHOPBRNOW and save 15%!
  9. the codes are 1 time use only... my friend works at GAP coporate and confirmed that for me. I have actually been to a few stores where the employees give me a f&f card at purchase. You may get lucky!
  10. I just happened to see on ebay banana coupons for $5.00 each on buy it now basis. Well worth it if you plan on spending any money.
  11. Thank you ladies! I'm going to try out these codes! :nuts:
  12. Hi Focacci,

    I just sent you a private message..would you mind emailing me a version of the BR F&F coupon? I provided my email address in the message that I sent to you.

    Thank you so much!!!

  13. Oooh, thanks! My sister needs new suits, so this will help =)
  14. Did the codes work for anyone?
  15. the lxholidays card is for luxe card holders only, but if you have a banana card you can use brholidays for the same deal!