anyone have azur for a while? do you like it

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  1. with the patina? thanks!
  2. I hope will patina to a clean orangy tan would look hot with the light blue gray cream background.
  3. i have had my azur speedy since nov and it is now starting to darken. if you do a search i posted pics a while ago. I LOVE IT with patina and i can't wait for it to get darker. it looks soooo much better IMO
  4. I too have had it since Nov and there's a light patina already. It looks really lovely, I have to agree with sirenized and say it looks way better than when the vachetta was really pale! Even PHH thinks so ;) I'll try to take pics when the clouds go away and post them later.
  5. oh- thank yuo both so much!!!
  6. Ditto - I have had mine since Nov. and it is starting to get darker. I really notice it when I look at the pictures of it that I took when it was new. I love the darker patina, matches the cream and gold so much better imo!
  7. I also have mine since November like whistlerchic but I didn't use it often. Less than 5 times. I hate dark Patina and I think it will look ugly on Azur.

    Anyway, mine is still like new.
  8. I'm wondering myself how it will look a few years down the line. So I must say im slightly hesitant to get more than 1 large azur bag though ive been constantly obsessive over a few. I got a used azur speedy from elux that i sent back It had a light patina (like a 6 month old bag that was lightly used) and it looked great. But... im not sure about how good it would look when it gets really dark.
  9. mmm I am not sure how the patina will look on my azur Speedy, dreading it really!
  10. I have seen pics and think it looks nice.
  11. Don't like it...LOVE IT!:yahoo:
  12. ooooooh totally love it with that pic!