Anyone have August Lucky mag handy? Need a Lucky Breaks code.

  1. I :heart: Red Flower bath stuff, and was really happy it was one of the August Lucky Break deals(especially because it's hard to even find Red Flower by me, let alone get a discount on it.) So, I finally went on to order some of the various bath gels, and now I can't remember the code! I thought it was lucky1 or luckybreaks1, but it's not working.

    Does anyone still have the issue with the code, and would you take pity and share it? It's definitely not the new Sarah Michelle Geller cover issue, since I just opened that yesterday. I think it was August -- sure hope it wasn't July and I'm just too late. Thanks in advance!
  2. It's lucky2

  3. Hi kimberf...I have the mag...where do I find the code?
  4. Oh and it's for 25% off!
  5. lucky2...but I think this is only for the Thai Honeysuckle Cleansing Body Wash.
  6. ^^^I think you're right.
  7. Thanks ladies! I knew someone would have it.

    Sadly, boho_mess is right, it's only for the Thai Honeysuckle, which is nice, but I had though it was for everything. I had my super-full cart, and the discount was coming up at only $5, so I'll probably pass. :sad: