1. I found one "GOSHOP" but its only for 10% off and their shipping is outrageous (exactly 15% of my total order). So if I find at least a 15% off code my shipping will "free". I would really appreciate any help:yes:
  2. I tried to find one last week, but none of the old ones that I googled worked. I don't think that there are any -15% codes out at the moment.

    ps. if you're ordering something from asos's own collection you might like to know that their quality is sometimes pretty bad. The fabrics are cheap and the overall quality is worse than at H&M, Zara etc. which are in the same price category. They're IMO good clothes for going partying since you can wear them a few times before anything starts to come apart and after that just throw them away. :smile: Costume jewellery and shoes have been ok.
  3. Ok thanks for letting me know on the codes thing. I have noticed their quality isn't so good, I was actually just ordering some Sass&bide jeans. For the cheapy stuff I can always go to Forever 21 here in SOUTHERN CA. We don't have an H&M here but I think we have a Zara and they just opened a MANGO close by...

    Also they dont ship shoes/jackets/anything bulky to the states from ASOS....I've been bummed about that since they've had some cute shoes I wanted in the past=(
  4. I just ordered some stuff from here the other day and I recieved an email saying that I had to send them a copy of my credit card statement and my license. Did anyone else have to do this? I just canceled my order because I do not want to send out that information. Doesn't this sound shady?
  5. no, they didnt require additional information from my order, i am in Chicago....i took me 7 business day to received my package
  6. They've never asked additonal information from me. Asos is VeriSign verified and have been in business for a while so I don't think that it's anything shady.. maybe you could email them back and ask why they need the extra info? :smile: