Anyone have any Violet Prune comparison pics?

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  1. I'm in love with the new Violet Prune but I'm a little unsure what the color is really like - especially considering Bal is notorious for colors not photographing right. Can someone post some pics of Violet Prune compared to other colors? Preferably other purples or reds. TIA!
  2. If you go to page 11 of the "new city - small city - I'm so excited" you'll find it compared with rouge cerise (burgundy)
  3. I am also wondering if this color is more purple or burgundy...
  4. It looks purple next to the burgundy colour in the comparison photos
  5. Ooh! That is good! Thank you Emma6 I'm scrolling thru that thread now.
  6. Quote 207 and your welcome
  8. Thanks! Those help! Seems to have a sort of pink tone. I would love to see next to a true purple.
  9. Yeah I'd like to see it next to purple as well...
  10. IMG_1473549311.709754.jpg
    Here's my new Violet prune town next to dark violet work
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  11. Those are gorgeous! Congrats on 2 beauties!!! Thanks for the comparison pic!
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