Anyone have any reveals?!

  1. I will have a reveal in a few days... :graucho:
  2. :yahoo:
  3. Just bought something online... Hope for a safe journey halfway round the world to me... Will do a reveal when I get it! Can't wait!!!
  4. I have mini rveal, not another bag but flats. I was eyeing them on Saks, then they appeared on Bluefly and I snatched them.:graucho:
    I really hope they are authentic, as I read in shopping thread that Bluefly can sell fakes, :smash:. the quality is amazing, leather and craftmanship sre superb, seems to be far from fake.
    chloe-5.jpg cgloe-5.jpg cgloe-6.jpg chloe-2.jpg chloe-4.jpg
  5. Love the shoes!!! So pretty! I love the color. I never heard of bluefly selling fakes.. I always order from that website!
  6. So pretty!! I love those flats!
  7. Oh I just love them, they are beautiful - I have been looking at the same style too! :smile: would love to hear what you think of them after you have worn them a bit.
  8. Thank you everybody. Leather is sooo nice:cloud9:

    BagsRmyweakness they are very comfy, a little on a narrow side, but for my rather narrow feet it fits like a glove and they have great soft leather that can stretch. flats run 1/2 small than contemporary US sizes, I wear 7.5 and these flats in 38 fit great (38.5 would be fine too). there's some good support, yet sole is a bit too soft and easily wears out, it looks like I need to resole them pretty soon. Heel has rubber part, not slippery.

  9. great rich color
  10. Here is my small desert mauve paraty. I've been deciding between the Odalisque Pink and Desert Mauve, and opted for the latter because the color transitions well from spring/summer to fall/winter (I hope!).

    Loving this small size because it makes a great everyday bag! Will post modeling photos another day when I'm not in sweats.
  11. Yay, such a beauty!! Congrats!!!

  12. My small safari Marcie came today.
  13. I love the color on this Marcie! Congrats!
  14. Safari is such a great summer color! Love it!
  15. I adore Desert Mauve! Cannot wait to see your modeling pics! I regret not getting one:p