Anyone have any reveals?!

  1. If anyone has any reveals, let's show em! I need to look at pictures and live vicariously so I don't go shopping myself! :roflmfao:

    At the very least I'm thinking we should get that action thread started again!
  2. Yes, I need to post action pics of my new paraty...
  3. I wish I had a reveal!! I'm thinking about getting a new Marcie - I have Silver and Black, now looking at Red Grape & Fetish Red....Hmmmm...
  4. I ordered a coral hobo from Rue la la and the order has been stuck in preparing shipment forEVER!! I got impatient and ordered a crossbody in skylight blue, it turned out to be defective!! :sad:

    Here are pictures even though I am sending it back. You can see in the first picture that the crossbody strap is unlatched on one side. All pics are from IPhone, 3rd pic is with flash
    image-1733604971.jpg image-2078701743.jpg image-3320924827.jpg
  5. I ladies!!! I just got my Neiman Marcus package which has my fetish red Marcie crossbody!!



    It's a cloudy day here.. So color is not so accurate

  6. What a streak of bad luck!! Darn it. I can't wait to finally see your hobo when it arrives. I do love the color of the skylight. I'll bet your heart just dropped. :tdown:
  7. That's such a bummer! What a gorgeous bag!
  8. The coral is beautiful :smile: Chloe has nothing at holt renfrew ATM :sad:
  9. :hugs: Great thread LibJames - love your work! totally agree about the need to live vicariously through others purchases - that so cracked me up!
  10. It's so nice to see the reveals! I love it that the hobo crossbody is becoming popular on here. It is such a pretty and feminine crossbody. So many crossbody bags are not.
  11. Totally agree peachylv!
  12. S--we got my sissy the nut Marcie! Giving it to her next weekend! Very exciting! But man, I am totally bit by the Marcie bug again! You need to post some out and about pics so I can live vicariously through you!
  13. Later today I will have something in Red Grape to reveal!!

  14. LOL! Love your work TOO! ha!