Anyone have any poissiere pieces?

  1. If not, can you describe this color? I did a board search, but can't visualize the color. Is it warm-toned? Anyone know what leathers this will be available in?

  2. I don't know anything about this color or leather and don't know if there's anything about it on the forum, but my French DH said to try a different spelling: "poussiere", which means "dust" in French.
    Dust color?
  3. I am pretty sure I saw it last week and can't say it struck me as particularly warm or is light...or at least light by my standards...I don't go lighter than etoupe...I will try to check it out again soon and report back here if I can describe it better. Sorry this is a completely useless, uninformative post!
  4. I saw it in a swatch and loved it, I was amused to come home and find the translation was 'dust' - it's not my idea of the colour of dust, lol. I love neutrals and tans and from memory, this was a gentle dull browny-beige shade (yellow tones perhaps) - I love etoupe and gold - this was somewhere between and I would say warm tones rather than cool.

    When I looked through the small swatch book of new colours - poussiere was the one I zoomed in on as my favourite - a perfect neutral
  5. ^^^^ You gave a good description. It's the color I ordered for my first Birkin. It is truly an earth tone. I love earthy hues. I have an Etoupe Picotin, and Poissiere is much lighter. The color jumped out at me while I was looking at swatches, too. I love the color.
  6. The griolet is the one that intrigues me....
  7. I'll look forward to the pics Coleigh, I hope you don't have to wait too long, it will be fab in a Birkin. A new bag is out of the question for me having just bought my biscuit Birkin but I would love to find a small leather accessory in poussiere to add to my 'sepia' rainbow in my bag, lol
  8. I ordered it back in September 2007. It will be my 15th year anniversary present. The color compliments so many other colors and all the swatches I viewed. I will definitely post pictures. I'm excited, and I am sure it will be my favorite handbag.
  9. I forgot...Poissiere is available in clemence leather,FYI.
  10. I saw it today, in one of the new larger (taller) Paris-Bombays in clemence. It is...light tan with a hint of yellow. Not camel as in "gold", and yellower than biscuit. Does not look like etoupe at all--it has no gray undertones. It is lighter than both etoupe and gold and darker than parchemein....