Anyone have any luck with this?

  1. Does anyone here bid on (real) designer handbags with flaws (like broken handles,zippers off-track,etc) on eBay?They always seem a bit cheaper,and most of the time,judging by the photo,it is something I can fix.Any thoughts? I love a good "project".
  2. I have a seller on my watch list who I love. They sell store returns that can't be resold in store. They range from pratically brand new condition to pretty dirty. I actually noticed them when I saw a purse I had shipped back to Coach for repair listed! (they couldn't repair it and sent me a full refund :biggrin: ) If it's not major and I really think I can fix it, I'll buy it as long as it's under $50. Or, if it's something that is really expensive, it needs to be a fraction of the cost. Because there's the offchance I can't fix it.