Anyone have any La Regale bags?

  1. So I'm looking for an inexpensive evening bag that I can use and abuse (don't want beer spilled on my LV!) and people keep mentioning La Regale to me. I'm not so familiar with this brand, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about them? I visited their home website and saw some really nice bags - all of the reviews of this company on ebags are positive, but has anyone here had any experience with them?
  2. ...anyone? anyone?
  3. i guess not.
  4. Sorry, I just saw your post ... I have a silver clutch that I bought off ebags last year. I used it for the first time this weekend at a wedding (and just noticed the brand name). I don't have any complaints. It's not a leather bag, but the color was right (a light silver), and it was pretty inexpensive. It's also very roomy while not being too big. It easily held my digital camera, compact, lipstick, small brush, ID and some money. I don't know how well it will hold up to tons of use, but I was happy enough with it.